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Do you have any idea how little it costs to provide insurance for your dog or cat?  Veterinary visits are expensive and we're usually not prepared for the emergency around the corner.  Check out the link below, answer four simple questions and receive a quote.  It's that simple!   READ MORE >>

Why flood insurance? Just because you haven't experienced a flood in the past doesn't mean you won't experience a flood in the future.  After every major flooding event there is a newspaper article about someone who did not have flood insurance because they didn't think it would happen to them. READ MORE >>

Tossing someone your keys and letting them borrow your car should never be as casual as it sounds. When you let someone borrow your car, in most cases you are also letting them borrow your Car Insurance as well!  This is not only defined by your policy coverage but also is the state law. READ MORE >>

Tech Solutions for Seniors Despite the popularity of retirement homes, statistics show that more and more seniors plan or want to stay in their homes as they get into their 70s, 80s, and beyond. And while many of them are blessed with good health, there's no denying that older people are more vulnerable to dangers in the home. READ MORE >>

In frigid weather, the common wood frog adapts by literally putting itself into a deep freeze. In a miracle of biology, these adaptive frogs freeze solid and their hearts stop, but they come back to life with the spring thaw. While frozen frogs are pretty amazing, frozen pipes are anything but. READ MORE >>

Buying insurance can be confusing, but when the unexpected happens – a house fire, a fender bender or a broken bone – it's a relief to know that some of those financial losses will be covered. But how do you know how much coverage you need? And what questions should you ask before buying a policy? READ MORE >>

Tips to Reduce Your Small Business Risks Having an entrepreneurial personality means you're naturally a risk taker. In beginning your small business, you've accomplished what many cannot. By succeeding in your smaller business, you're doing what millions wish they could. READ MORE >>

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